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This is important point
for any lottery software

Fast Full Wheel Lotto generator
Fast one, I mean really fast.
5,6 or 7 numbers per combination
max total number is 50 or 60
and speed is more then

combinations per second

Source code for software developer
You will get source code files
with about 1000 lines written in
functions that generate combinations
are written using inline ASSEMBLER
You can pay for one source code and get two
FAST Filtering Full Wheel Lotto generator 7
for limited time only can be yours for free.
Just read this page to the end.


I believe that you know what full wheel is and for what you can use it. There is no reason to repeat things, If you want to design your own lotto application, this is a key point and with this speed you have a chance to make really good software.

Here you will find 3 applications
fw7.exe - full wheel for 7 numbers per combination from pool of 8-50 numbers

fw6.exe - full wheel for 6 numbers per combination from pool of 7-60 numbers

fw5.exe - full wheel for 5 numbers per combination from pool of 6-60 numbers

You can download demo versions. In demo you can generate full wheels, you can see it, but you can not write it to disk text file.
Full version can write it to disk so you can use it as you like.

You can get full source for any of these applications for only $80.

Use what you need!!!

Speed that we are talking about is generating and storing in memory
200000000 to 300000000
combinations per second. Don't believe us, see for yourself.

OS supported
Windows XP
Windows 7


We will show you some pictures down there but,
the only way and the best way is
to test applications by yourself on your PC
and then you will know what speed you can get.

Test was done on PC
Intel(R) Pentium(R) E5700 3.0 GHz
and 4GB of memory inside


28 filters for lotto developers
You can download it from HERE to see what I am talking about.


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