Big Lotto Filter
Lotto win32 libraryFas lottery applications
assembler inside
Small size lottery filter
lottery up to 64 numbers


The application in this package showcases the capabilities of this component so you can make an idea about what can be accomplished using this library.

Here is ONE FREE little application, all functions are
included so you can see for your self what you can get from this little library and in what time

This is full big lotto filter 64
for (5-7)/(up to 50) games
(pick 5, pick 6, pick 7 games with up to 50 numbers)
zip file 79KB
unpack size of EXE is 210KB
This is stand alone version, there is no need for special installation process, just unpack zip file and use it.

In this application you can change number per combination
from 5 to 7
and total numbers in the supported systems
up to 50

These functions can be easily changed
to support lottery games like

test for
EURO MILLIONS lottery (5/50+2/11)

test for
POWER BALL lottery (5/59+1/35)






version 1.5 (July 2012.)
win32 DLL for
software developers

pick 5,6 and 7 lottery
64 filter options
up to 64 numbers in the system
on the WEB
64+ is actually 101 filtering options


We will not talk about lottery, it is well known. If you are software developer of lottery applications you know that filtering combinations is very important part that now must be included. Question is how to add this, what options must be in it and how to do this job fast. Here is little win32 DLL library that can solve this problem. You can find DEMO version here and you can test it by yourself. Remember, this is library for pick 7 lotto games and up to 64 numbers in it. It can be changed easily to support pick 5 or pick 6 lottery games. Just look at filter options that can be set. These options you sow in many lottery applications but until now THIS IS THE ONLY LIBRARY WITH ALL OF THEM to gather. This is all you need for filtering full lottery systems of up to 64 numbers, with 5,6 or 7 numbers per combination.

List of All filter conditions:

01) Minimum sum of numbers
02) Maximum sum of numbers
03) Minimum even numbers in combination
04) Maximum even numbers in combination
05) Minimum odd numbers in combination
06) Maximum odd numbers in combination
07) Lucky number
08) Unlucky number
09) Minimal 1. number value in combination
10) Maximal 1.number value in combination
11) Minimal 2.number value in combination
12) Maximal 2.number value in combination
13) Minimal 5.number value in combination
14) Maximal 5. number value in combination
15) Minimal 6.number value in combination
16)Maximal 6.number value in combination
17) Minimal 7.number value in combination
18) Maximal 7.number value in combination
19) Force groups (groups are 2 or more successive numbers anywhere in combination)
20) Force no groups
21) Minimum number of groups
22) Maximal number of groups
23) Minimum number of 2 numbers groups
24) Maximum number of 2 numbers groups
25) Minimum number of 3 numbers groups
26) Maximum number of 3 numbers groups
27) Minimum number of 4 numbers groups
28) Maximum number of 4 numbers groups
29) Do not want any group of 2 numbers
30) Do not want any group of 3 numbers
31) Do not want any group of 4 numbers or more
32) Minimum difference between numbers
33) Maximum difference between numbers
34) Number of the same differences
35)Maximum numbers with the same last digit
36) Minimum numbers in range n1,n2 (you choose range)
37) Maximum numbers in range n1,n2 (you choose range)
38) Minimum numbers in range n3,n4 (you choose range)
39) Maximum numbers in range n3,n4 (you choose range)
40) Minimum numbers in range n5,n6 (you choose range)
41) Maximum numbers in range n5,n6 (you choose range)
42) Minimum numbers in range n7,n8 (you choose range)
43) Maximum numbers in range n7,n8 (you choose range)
44) Minimum numbers in range n9,n10 (you choose range)
45) Maximum numbers in range n9,n10 (you choose range)
46) Minimum numbers from array 1,4,7,11....
47) Maximum numbers from array 1,4,7,11...
48) Minim numbers from array 2,5,8,12.....
49) Maximum numbers from array 2,5,8,12...
50) Minimum numbers from array 3,6,9,13...
51) Maximum numbers from array 3,6,9,13...
52) First number must be even
53) First number must be odd
54) Last number must be even
55) Last number must be odd
56) First two numbers must be even
57) First two numbers must be odd
58) First two number must be even and odd or odd and even
59) Last two numbers must be even
60) Last two numbers must be odd
61) Last two numbers must be even and odd or odd and even
62) Maximum numbers from array of 7 numbers (you set them)
63) Minimum numbers from array of 15 numbers (you set them)
64)Maximum numbers from array of 15 numbers

"PLUS" version has some more filtering options:

65) Root min
66) Root max
67) Root min even numbers
68) Root max even numbers
69) Root min odd numbers
70) Root max odd numbers
71) Low/High numbers

enter 7 numbers of last draw and specify next options
72 ) Minimum move 1. number
73) Maximum move 1.number
74) Minimum move 2.number
75) Maximum move 2.number
76) Minimum moe 3.number
78) Maximum move 3. number
79) Minimum move 4. number
80) Maximum move 4. number
90) Minimum move 5. number
91) Maximum move 5. number
92) Minimum move 6.number
93) Maximum move 6. number
94) Minimum move 7. number
95) Maximum move 7. number
96) Minimum move all numbers
97) Maximum move all numbers
98) Even numbers stay even
99) Odd numbers stay odd
100) Even change to odd, odd change to even
101) Adjoining numbers

So, you can have actually 101 filtering options
Speed of execution is much, much better than similar part of any lottery application with filtering options. Please check any lottery application you can find on the net and see for yourself. On the same PC this library will be faster.

Library is small, under 30KB (standard library, PLUS version is about 50KB) only, written in ASSEMBLER and for example on PC with Intel Pentium E5700 (3GHZ) with 4GB of RAM you will see that no matter how complicated filter conditions are set, all will be done UNDER JUST ONE SECOND (for 7/39 lottery game). You can expect that if you build this library to support less numbers per combinations then 7, all of this will be done little faster.

Yo will find functions to set filer conditions, options,and functions to filter combinations which will return number of combinations that pass the filter and you will get all of them in one BYTE array, number by number, combination by combination.

You can use functions from this library using any programmers tool that can call functions from external DLL.This library must be unlocked with serial number, and if you use it without calling registration function NO FILTERING WILL BE DONE.

If you need this kind of software you can get it

01- DLL only, single developer edition, license is valid per developer. Price is $99 only (PLUS VERSION - 101 filter options) .

02- Full source code, you can modify it as you like, you DON'T HAVE THE RIGHTS to sell source code in any form. You have the rights to sell only your end user lottery applications in execution form. Price is $299

03- Full source code with all selling rights including selling similar tools. Price is $499.

There is no other hidden costs.

How to buy?

You can pay for it using PAYPAL, just send me your request
by email ( and describe what you want, DLL file with or without source code and what kind of license you want. When you make your payment, in max 24h you will get software from me (you will get download link). Please, put "BIG LOTTO FILTER 64 REQUEST" in the subject line.

Little more about library...

This is standard win32 DLL. Source code is written in POWERBASIC using it's INLINE ASSEMBLER SUPPORT. You will need POWERBASIC 10 but you can easily transfer all this functions in some other ASSMEBLY FORM, so you can use FASM or MASM for example or some other assemblers if you like.

There is some hardware limitations which are not hard to solve these days, we already have very powerful PC's on our desks. Processors must support MMX and SSE 2.0 instructions set. Sorry about that, but this was the only way to make this software FAST. I hope you understand the reason why we have to put this hardware request.

If you from any reason need some other filter options, we can add it for you so you can get specially designed ONLY FOR YOU library. Describe what you need and we will try to add this new functionality for reasonable and acceptable price in short time.

Upgrades will be free for our customers for ONE YEAR.


Functional are very easy to use and remember.


uint as_lottofsetdata(int filter_num,int filter_ value);
uint as_lottofilteron(int filter_num);
uint as_lottofilteroff(int filter_num);
uint as_setrange(int range_num, int range_start, int range_end);
uint as_setrange7(int r7_index, int r7_value);
uint as_setrange15(int r15_index, int r15_value);

uint as_filter7full(int total_numbers, dword where_to_put);
uint as_filter6full(int total_numbers, dword where_to_put);
uint as_filter5full(int total_numbers, dword where_to_put);


Big lotto filtr screen


Copyright (c) 2012. by AS Computer Software