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Don't take our words for it, check it by yourself. You will find our software on more then 1000 SHAREWARE DOWNLOAD SITES. Please, visit them, look for our software, check other similar software, check quality, size, speed, easy of use and at last price. We believe that you will make right decision. We have large number of, let's say "HAPPY USERS" in more then 30 countries. It is not easy task to satisfy professional software developers. We try to do it with our product in 3 ways. First, you will get what you need, not hundreds of useless functions. You will get it in small packages (from 10 to 80KB). And finally, this low price is best you can find. And one more thing at the end, you don't have to be Windows guru to find out how something is done, just use it and say THANK YOU.

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Awarded software, used all around the world (from 2005.), this is not marketing, this is a fact.

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