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If you are Windows software developer, sometimes you will need tools like this one. Just give them a try and you will be satisfied. Size of these software tools is SMALL, but power that you will find in it is GREAT.

All software tools we have tested for us in the first place. We use them in our applications, so we believe that you will like them too. Some of these software tools are free, some are not. At the end you will be the one who will said "This is OK". We just try to help people to find what they really need. Web is not small place and finding something that you want, need is not the easy task.

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Need server software? WEB, FTP, EMAIL server? Just one EXE file? Easy to use? Easy to setup and configure? For testing your web applications or to run your own servers this is best solution you can find. You will said that you can find free versions of this kind of software, but first we recommend you to test what you will find there and make decision after that. You will know why we give them 5 starts.

Ideal software
  Need report? Text, graphics, charts, barcode? You will not believe what this library can do for your application. The best of all, you can get one version FREE, there are limitations but you can live with that, and when you need full power, just choose version that you like. JUST ONE DLL file but you must see it in action. After that you will forget other report software tools. Don't be afraid. You only have to accept that report is managed in the same way that you will manage real paper.It is not hard task.      

  From internet or LAN communication in the way you don't believe that is possible to ZIP. Video and Voice chat SDK, secure socket communications, compression...Free versions. Size and speed of these tools are GREAT. Just make a step and you will get SPEED and easy of usage. You applications can receive possibilities that you maybe don't imagine.      

If you ever need LAN messaging, there you will find the best solution for it. This small ActiveX control will give you not only tool to support messages between PC LAN users,your imagination will find great number of other scenarios. We believe that you only have to see it in action and you will remember where will be the best place in your application to use it.


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